About Us
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The Palestine Fair Trade Association

Al Dabbeh Street, Main Circle, Jenin Old City

Jenin, West Bank, Palestine

Tel: 972 (0)4 250 1512 Fax: 972 (0)4 250 1513

Website: www.palestinefairtrade.org Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Who we are

Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA) is a national union of fair trade producing cooperatives, processors, and exporters. The association was founded in 2004 in Jenin and maintains offices there.

PFTA’s mission is to provide social and economic empowerment of small, marginalized, and excluded Palestinian communities through the concept of fair trade.

By definition, fair trade is a commercial partnership based on dialogue, transparency, and respect. The goal of fair trade is equity in commerce which leads to sustained development and safeguards marginalized producers and workers. To that end, fair trade organizations commit to heighten public awareness and form a network committed to campaign for international trade rules and practices which benefit small and marginalized commercial enterprises worldwide.

As a result, fair trade is both sustainable and socially transforming. The fair trade exchange of goods and services is much more than a financial transaction; it engenders positive social, economic, and environmental benefits. Fair trade increases economic value in the community, reduces poverty and inequality, regenerates the resource base that produces the original product, and engages producers and workers to participate in their organization. The organizational structure ensures that this activity occurs in an open, accountable system.

Strategic objectives of fair trade are 1) to move marginal producers and workers from vulnerability to economic security, 2) to engage producers and workers to participate in their organization, and 3) to assist producers and workers to build commercial capacity.


Farmer Cooperative Meeting


What we do everyday at the grassroots level

  • Promote social accountability through fair trade production and trade practices
  • Establish and adhere to locally relevant, internationally recognized fair trade guidelines and standards applicable to production of Palestinian products
  • Pre-qualify Palestinian producers and products for internationally recognized fair trade certification
  • Create a forum where producers, processors, and exporters can sort out matters of joint interest related to production and trade of their products
  • Enable women and other marginalized groups, especially in rural areas, through economically and socially empowering commercial production
  • Develop international markets for Palestinian fair trade and natural products
  • Promote environmentally friendly farming practices and support conversion to certified organic farming
  • Create opportunities for Palestinian grassroots producers to cultivate international support through person-to-person contacts and non-commercial solidarity network sales
  • Disseminate information about Palestine’s excellent products and capable, dependable commercial community