PFTA Cooperatives
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PFTA Cooperatives

Cooperatives connect farmers and producers of hand made traditional products in the mutual endeavor of fair trade and make available certifications and markets unavailable to individual producers. As producers they adhere strictly to internationally recognized fair trade and organic standards. As members of cooperatives, they form associations and networks for cooperative decision making and problem solving. The skills and networks established in the fair trade environment are available in addressing other issues. Participatory, collective decision making is empowering, reinforcing the value of each individual's contribution. In addition, the combined reinvestment of collectives makes a significant, empowering impact on the community; each cooperative decides where to spend the money.


Farmers' village cooperatives

Organic Green Olives

Jenin district
Al-Taybeh, Al'Araqa, Al Rami, Siris, Sir, Maythaloun, Faqo'a, Deir Abu D'if, Jalqamous, Raba, Al Judayda, Sanour, 'Anza, Kufor Ra'i, Burqin, Kufor Dan, Al Sila, Rummaneh, Zbuba, 'Anin

Nablus district
Tallouza, Ijinsinya, Asira, Beit Mrein, Nisf Jbail, Burqa, Sabistya, Bzarya, Yassid

Ramallah district
'Arura, 'Ajjoul, Al Maza'I, 'Aboud, Deir Al Soudan

Salfit district
Hares, Kufor Hares, Rafat

Qalqilya district
Deir Ballout, Bedya


Women's village cooperatives

Fair Trade Za'atar

Couscous and za'atar
Jenin district: Al Jalama, Faqo'a, 'Anin
Qalqilya district: Bedya

Sun-dried tomatoes
Jenin district: Burqin

Olive oil soap
Jenin district: Burqin
Qalqilya district: Deir Ballout

Wild collection
Jenin district: Sanour, Jalqamous
Nablus district: Jamma'in


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