Visit Palestine
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Visit Palestine with a Purpose

More than a business relationship


Palestine Fair Trade Office


As a business based on fair trade and organic principles, PFTA seeks to partner with other fair trade and green businesses and organizations worldwide. Just as important, PFTA cultivates on-the-ground connections with internationals with the goal of transforming theoretical solidarity into personal relations and cross-cultural respect.

Several PFTA programs offer internationals an opportunity to interact meaningfully with the Palestinian people, land, and fair trade/organic communities.

PFTA Volunteer Tourism

Eco-tourist picking olives


Visit Palestine for one to two weeks during the olive harvest, mid-October to December. Live with a Palestinian farm family and learn about fair trade olive production as you participate in the harvest.  Details

PFTA Internship Experience


Organic Olives


Visit Palestine for one month to one year to share your skills and expertise for the benefit of the Palestinian fair trade community.  Details

Meet Palestine – the People and the Land

Breakfast in Palestine

In Palestine, ecotourism meets hospitality. Visit Palestine for one day to one week for an overview of the landscape and the native plants as well as the crops, the production techniques, the organic practices, the processing, and the individuals in the fair trade/organic community. While traveling in the area, visit sites of historic, cultural, and geographic interest and beauty. Meet, eat, and talk with Palestinians in many settings; experience Palestinian hospitality through a homestay.  Details

Olive Harvest Festival


Dabke dance


Join the local organic and fair trade olive oil producing community the first Friday of November in Jenin for its annual celebration of the harvest still in progress. See the production facility where tree fruit becomes golden oil. Share in the traditional feast of Palestinian delicacies. Meet the people. Listen to the poetry. Join in the dance.  Details


PFTA Fair Harvest Tour

The PFTA partners with many groups to combine olive picking days with reality tours for an immersion into Palestine that is unforgettable.  You can homestay with our farmers and attend the Jaru'a, the traditional olive harvest festival. Ask if your tour will visit the PFTA.  Details


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