Empowering Community
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Empowering Community

PFTA's foremost mission is to assure fair profit and economic stability for producers of agricultural products in small, vulnerable, marginalized, and excluded Palestinian communities, but it is also a vehicle for long term social and economic empowerment. Through fair trade, and with its export partner, Canaan Fair Trade, PFTA sponsors a range of programs with far-reaching social and economical benefits. Three such empowerment programs are already in place.

Trees for Life.  This project helps offset the enormous destruction of trees by the Israeli occupation of Palestine and helps keep Palestinians on their land. A PFTA committee distributes olive trees saplings to new, young, small, female or disadvantaged farmers and to farmers whose trees have been destroyed or lost to the Israeli occupation. As of 2008, over 38,400 trees have been planted. It is important to note that this is funded solely by grassroots organizations the world over, as Canaan starts the program everywhere it sells Palestinian olive oil.   Details


Grass Roots Tree Donations


Micro Loans.  This project enables small producers and people with few resources, especially women, to start their own business and become self-supporting. A PFTA committee grants 2 year loans to groups wishing to produce fair trade Palestinian foods. The loans are used to purchase supplies and begin producing according to fair trade guidelines. Canaan Fair Trade insures success by providing specific production methods, quality specifications and proper training, then marketing the products produced. This empowers women economically as well as socially.  Details


Women's Cooperative

Organic hand rolled couscous

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